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Uncompromising Services on Paintless Dent Removal

Do you see dents on your car? Do you wish to bring the beauty of your car back? Bring your car to AUTOBODS in Lubbock for our paintless dent removal service. We can bring back the smooth and glossy body of your car. You do not have to be concerned about having patches of color on your car because we will take care of the problem without having the need to repaint your car.

We know how disheartening it is to look at the dents on your car. Our skilled technicians went through the necessary training to completely understand the technology of the method to repair the car, though. They also have sufficient, expert-assisted experience until they are already capable of handling the repairs themselves. Our uncompromising technicians always see to it they can please you with the results of their work. Seeing their clients are satisfied with their services brings them joy.

To ensure our technicians can do their job right, we provide them with all the tools and equipment they need. We invested in the equipment for our paintless dent repair services. We are updated with the latest technology so we can be on top when providing our services to our clients. We have earned their trust and we aim to keep things that way.

AUTOBODS in Lubbock is a licensed and insured company. We can guarantee the safety of your car while it is under our care. We took all the security measures to ensure we will not have any issues of theft whether it is our belongings or your car. We have been in this business since 1996 and we never had any problems with theft and damages. We do not have to keep your car with us for a long time since our technicians can repair the damage quickly. Although they are fast, they will never compromise the quality of their service.

Bring your car to our auto body repair shop in Lubbock, TX for a paintless dent removal service. Call us at (806) 305-2491 now.


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